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SP Elettronica is organized and works according to the norms of :

and it has been certified by CISQ with certificate no. 9115.SPE2 (9 March 1998), and up-dated with VISION 2000 (23 November 2015).

UNI EN ISO 13485
with certification 9124.SPE1 (24 October 2012 ) up-dates (23 January 2015 )

UNI EN ISO 14001
with certification 9191.SPL3 (14 June 2016)

Working in conformity:

In accordance with international regulations for safety (CE conformity, IMQ qualifications, VDE, UL, CSA and similar).

For product reliability: As suggested by the producers of the single components and internal testing.

For circuit assembly: in accordance with ANSI regulations.

Electronic Components Italy
Electronic Components Italy
Electronic Components Italy
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