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Production of electronic devices with both traditional and SMT technologies.

Since 1994, when the firm was born, SP Elettronica is constantly aimed at quality and technological adaptation. To satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market, SP Elettronica offers a complete service:


SMT department:

potential for 100,000 components/h

Department composition:

9 Pick & Place (exclusive for prototyping and samples)

3 ovens

3 automatic screen printers

3 in-line sight machines

1 X-ray sight machine

assembly of all types of components (including BGA, micro BGA, narrow pass QFP, 0201 format passives)


TECHNOLOGY SMT - THT - Traditional


Pick & Place SILPLACE ASM ( ex Siemens)
Automatic MPM e DEK Screen printerse
REHM ovens
AO1 division machines:
X-ray inspection system
Double vibrating wave welder


SEICA in-circuit testing with mobile probe and fixed fixture Functional testing customized for the product, from manual to completely automatic Climate chamber for thermal and reliability testing

Electronic devices Italy

Electronic devices Italy

Electronic devices Italy


SP Elettronica is organized and works according to the norms of: UNI EN ISO 9001 and it has been certified by CISQ with certificate no. 9115.SPE2 (9 March 1998),and up-dated with VISION 2000 (23 November 2015)
UNI EN ISO 13485 with certification 9124.SPE1 (24 October 2012 ) up-dates (23 January 2015 )
UNI EN ISO 14001 with certificate no. 9191.SPL3 (14 June 2016).
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